Our history

Do you know why this place is so important?
The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa was fundamental in the history of Spain and Europe. Any Muslim attempt to recover lost ground was definitively defeated. The passes from Castile to Andalusia remained in Christian hands. The disputes between the Christian kings were resolved in the euphoria of triumph. With the Almohads defeated, Europe neutralized the Muslim danger in the West. That is why 1212 is a decisive date in the history of Europe and Spain, a key milestone in the Spanish national deed.

We are in the heart of the most vivid history in our country. Specifically at the entrance to the Despeñaperros Natural Park at Km. 259 of the N-IV (Madrid-Cádiz). A magical environment, in which you can enjoy nature, with some trails to disconnect, to enjoy and what better than enjoying some good dishes that are very typical of the area. Unrivaled meats, fresh and cooked with detail and care so that you can savor one of the best sensations of our land